Dr. Stavros D. Kaperonis

Dr. Σταύρος Καπερώνης

 Laboratory Teaching Staff – Panteion University | Visiting Assistant Professor – Athens University of Economics and Business 

Dr. Stavros D. Kaperonis is working as Laboratory Teaching Staff in the Department of Media, Communication and Culture at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens, Greece. He holds a BSc (Hons) from the School of Science and Technology, department of Natural Sciences (HOU), an MSc in Services Management from the Department of Business Administration at Athens University of Economics and Business and a PhD in Design (web aesthetics) and web usability from the Department of Public Administration at the Panteion University of Athens-Greece. Dr. Kaperonis has participated in many research projects and he has been teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Media, Communication and Design in Greece, since 2015.

He has been invited to give guests lectures in Italy and China. Main research interests of Dr. Kaperonis includes web design, UX, CX, AI/AR/VR/MR/XR, e-aesthetics & atmospherics, Video Storytelling,  Communication management, Social media, new media tools in journalism, strategic information systems planning, services customization, Fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (FsQCA), business process modeling and management. He teaches the following Postgraduate and Undergraduate courses: “Media and Digital Applications in journalism” “Design as communication tool”, “Information Society, Media and Technology”, “Social media and journalism”, “Digital Journalism”, “Social media and media culture”, “Public relations and adv: apps, code, games”. He is the director of “Spam Radio”, the web Radio station of the Department of Media, Communication and Culture-Panteion University.

 Ηe is an external associate partner in the Postgraduate Program “MSc in Services Management” of the Athens University of Economics and Business. He also teaches as a visitor Assistant Professor in the Undergraduate program “International Marketing Management” of the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has taught at Zhejiang University of Media & Communications in Shanghai, at University of Sapienza-Rome and the University of Firenze. He holds seminar certificates from the Universities of SDA Bocconi Italy, USI Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Zurich’s ETH University and the University of Monaco.

He has been a co-organizer at many workshops in Mobile Journalism, Journalism and Social Media and entrepreneurial journalism in collaboration with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation and journalist Elina Makri. In 2016, he was co-organiser the first Athens Startup Weekend on Entrepreneurial Journalism with the support of the US Embassy. in Athens and in collaboration with Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. In 2018 he was co-organiser at the second “Athens Startup Weekend & Summit on Entrepreneurial Journalism: Audio and Radio Innovation Edition” in collaboration with Antenna Music.

 He has participated in international conferences with referees and he has published journals and conference papers in Springer and other publishers. His reseach has been awarded three times with the Best Paper Award. He has published a chapter in book with IGI Global Publications. He participated as a member of the organizing committee at conferences and he has supervised a large number of postgraduate and undergraduate theses. He is a design expert in the following issues: video and audio editing, video storytelling, e-aesthetics, UX, AR, AI, VR/MR, prototyping, usability, consumer experience, HCI and social network management. posters, newspapers and magazines, photo editing, 

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