About Us

ethosEVENTS, member of ethosGROUP (ethosEVENTSethosMEDIAethosBUSINESS), focuses mainly on the organization of business conferences and awards ceremonies, but is also involved in various types of innovative activities.

ethosEVENTS begun its successful course in the sector of events’ organization with the objective to constitute one more option for ethosMEDIA‘s scope as well as its printed and electronic media.

Always anticipating the needs of the market, ethosEVENTS constantly expands the range of its products and is now the organizer of 20 different conferences and business awards annually, in key sectors such as the economy, insurance, pharmaceutical and health policies, exports, technology, hospitality, coffee sales and cafés etc. Apart from the organization of events for ethosMEDIA‘s printed and digital media, ethosEVENTS contributes its invaluable know-how and services to the organization of conferences for its various business partners.

ethosEVENTS‘s services are addressed to high-ranking company executives working in Greece or abroad, offering them numerous opportunities for professional networking as well as high-quality information and know-how, all of which are indispensable tools for the growth of their businesses and their own success. Our experienced and well-educated and trained personnel will ensure the excellent organization of any event; respect for our clients, innovation, rich content, networking opportunities are just a few of the key characteristics that make ethosEVENTS‘s services stand out.