Theodora Gourgouli

Theodora Gourgouli

President, Panhellenic Association of Insurance Advisors (PSAS)

Theodora Gourgouli is a 29 year Professional Insurance Advisor, working exclusively for Interamerican. Every year during the last 10 years she has been among the 5 top advisors in her company specializing in Life, Health and Financial products. She holds the 4th largest portfolio in mutual funds and investment products among all Interamerican sales networks.

A 14 year member of MDRT, the Premier Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors around the planet. In 2014 she gained her first designation as a Court of the Table member. A member of E.I.A.S (Institute of Insurance studies) Financial Planner since 2002 University of Piraeus graduate on Financial Planning Behavior and Financial law. In 2014 she competed among Advisors of all Greek participating companies and won the Panhellenic Association of Insurance Advisors “Gold wreath award ”as the Top Advisor in Insurance health products.

She is a member of PSAS, she has held the position of Vice President during 2013- 2017 and is currently the Chairwoman of the Association.

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