Coffee Business Awards 2020

Thursday 17 December-LiveOn Hybrid Event

The only Business Awards for professionals involved in the coffee sales and coffee shops market are back! For the second time, the awards are aiming to reward the sector’s leaders. This year’s Coffee Business Awards include 82 awards categories and 14 honorary distinctions which will be awarded to businesses and professionals of the sector who have greatly contributed to the upgrading of coffee products and coffee shops, as well as to newcomers who stood out with their innovative ideas and activities in the past year.

The Closed Business Meeting with the participation of top company executives involved in the coffee sector and institutional stakeholders will take place on 19.11.2020

The Coffee Business Awards 2020 Ceremony will take place on 17.12.2020 as a LiveOn Hybrid Event

For more information visit the official website of the Awards

Calendar #coba20

16 October: Deadline for Sybmissions
19 October: Blind Taste
19 November: Closed Business Meeting
17 December: Coffee Business Awards 2020 Ceremony

Event Details
Event Details

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    Konstantinos Ouzounis, CEO, ethosGROUP
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    Kostas Kaperonis, Sales Director, Coffee Business
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    Rando Manologlou, Key Account Manager,
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    Voula Vasilikou, Sales Executive,
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    Stavroula Oikonomaki, Sales Executive,
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    Mariana Vazaiou, Events Programme Manager,
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    Alessandra Papaspiliotopoulou, PR & Marketing Communications Manager,
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    Konstantinos Salvarlis, Events Director,
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    Aris Lavdis, Events Manager,
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