Konstantinos Georgiadis

Konstantinos Georgiadis

President of Radiographers Federation, Greece

Graduate of Radiology & Radiotherapy Department, Athens Technological Institute   

Nuclear Medicine Department, University General Hospital of Athens «ATTIKON» 

Supervisor of Paramedical Department at «ATTIKON» University General Hospital of Athens the period of 2010  2020 

Member of Scientist Council at «ATTIKON» University General Hospital of Athens  

Laboratory associate colleague of Athens Technological Institute the period of 2002 – 2017  

President of Radiographers Union at Greece  

President of Radiographers Federation at Greece  

Editor of scientific magazine «ΑΚΤΙΝΟΤΕΧΝΟΛΟΓΙΑ» 

Member of Ionizing and non-Ionizing Radiation Committee of Health Minister the period of 2018 – 2020  

35 years’ experience at Public and private Health sector. 

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